It took us three years, but we recently wrapped up teaching through the entire book of James via the podcast. Join us now as we begin a new Scripture ...View Details

Having spent a lifetime in the Church, Dallas Jenkins realized what many of us have also admitted: movies and mini-series about the life of Jesus are ...View Details

For over 20 years, God has stationed Free Methodist missionary Gerry McNamara in the country of Hungary. Today, Gerry joins us to talk about the curre...View Details

Over the last several years, endless news reports of divisions within the United Methodist Church over human sexuality have surfaced. Now, those divis...View Details

Quite a bit happened in 2019– and today we’re attempting to recap the Free Methodist year, as well as look forward to a few upcoming aspects of 2020 w...View Details

Is “happiness and cheer” just a lyric to a Christmas song? Is there any hope in today’s dark world? Can we truly celebrate Christmas with real joy in ...View Details

Over the course of her life, Pastor Carlene Nisley has prayed a simple prayer: “God, I want all you have for me.” When her husband unexpectedly died i...View Details

#130 The Christmas Witch

You’re familiar with the legend of Santa, but have you heard of the incredibly moving story of La Bafana, the gift-giving Witch in Italy? Today we beg...View Details

With the transition to a brand new director in October, International Child Care Ministries is progressing even further into their 2020 Vision... but ...View Details

How do we take part in breaking the harmful cycles that have surfaced in others’ lives? Is there any purpose to engaging “psychological healing,” or s...View Details

It’s time for our final journey into the book of James! Join us as we conclude this ongoing 3 year study of a book that refocuses us on action, not ju...View Details

We conclude this chapter of our series on worship by talking to Brian Walrath, a professor at Spring Arbor University who helps us navigate the Script...View Details

To some Christians, Halloween is a day that celebrates evil, the devil, and other nefarious practices. But what if Halloween was meant to be so much m...View Details

Some in the modern Church have described liturgy as an ancient, outdated form of worship. But what if we all experience liturgy all the time without e...View Details

Our conversation on worship continues with Soo Ji Alvarez as we discuss multi-cultural worship integration, worship in the persecuted church, and more...View Details

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