With the transition to a brand new director in October, International Child Care Ministries is progressing even further into their 2020 Vision... but ...View Details

How do we take part in breaking the harmful cycles that have surfaced in others’ lives? Is there any purpose to engaging “psychological healing,...View Details

It’s time for our final journey into the book of James! Join us as we conclude this ongoing 3 year study of a book that refocuses us on action, not ...View Details

We conclude this chapter of our series on worship by talking to Brian Walrath, a professor at Spring Arbor University who helps us navigate the Script...View Details

To some Christians, Halloween is a day that celebrates evil, the devil, and other nefarious practices. But what if Halloween was meant to be so much m...View Details

Some in the modern Church have described liturgy as an ancient, outdated form of worship. But what if we all experience liturgy all the time without e...View Details

Our conversation on worship continues with Soo Ji Alvarez as we discuss multi-cultural worship integration, worship in the persecuted church, and more...View Details

In the first of a new series on worship, we talk to Ephram Wilkoff from Edgewood Church in New York about the nature of authentic worship. For a Chris...View Details

People from West Africa have arrived in great numbers to fill American Free Methodist Churches... but often, there’s a big problem with transportati...View Details

Kathy Callahan-Howell joins us as we discuss social justice, race, incarceration, and recap the second annual Embrace All Conference! Listen to the Em...View Details

Felicia George has spent the last several years in local schools, teaching youth about the risks of human trafficking and modern day slavery. Today sh...View Details

If you’ve been in the church for some time, you’ve likely heard of the fruit of the Spirit. But how do we actually grow these fruits— love, joy,...View Details

Whether you’re listening for the first time or coming back for a second since GC19, the powerful words of Bishop Elect Matt Whitehead will strength ...View Details

Bishop Elect Keith Cowart brings us a message today on our need for the presence of God as individuals and as Free Methodists moving into the future.....View Details

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