Over the course of the past 8 episodes, we’ve seen endless examples of those who have engaged in the work of helping vulnerable people. Where might yo...View Details

Let’s travel outside the borders of America to visit Zsuzsa, the Hungary Set Free Team leader who is working to prevent exploitation of the at risk ki...View Details

Jeff Foster is in the business of creating community— one cup of coffee at a time. Common Grounds sells fair trade coffee, but it’s also changing live...View Details

Tammy and her team at MyPlace in Jackson, Michigan are providing bright futures for foster children. Join us as we discuss why foster kids are at a hi...View Details

Today Set Free Movement leader Kevin Austin interviews Josh about the team operating in Youngstown, Ohio about their work inside area strip clubs, whe...View Details

David Zach of the band Remedy Drive isn’t just writing songs against human trafficking— he’s going undercover in the brothels overseas to find and fre...View Details

In our second of eight episodes, we talk with Amanda Phillips from Set Free Macon County about how pornography ties into human trafficking, how even “...View Details

In the first of eight episodes in the direction of freedom, we speak to Kevin Austin about McDonalds activism, the danger of apathy, and the hope and ...View Details

Starting next Monday, tune in for a series of episodes through November in the direction of freedom!

Superintendent Michael Traylor joins us to discuss how racial justice could be possible within the context of hundreds of years of injustices. What’s ...View Details

An invalid man sits by a legendary pool, hoping to get healed after 38 years. But he’s about to meet someone who can do what the pool never could... h...View Details

Pastor Paul Alf wasn’t concerned as he headed to the church building a few weeks ago to check on an alarm that had been triggered, but what he found w...View Details

At age 16, Brian Warth was tried as an adult and sent to prison for life for his involvement in the shooting of a rival gang member. But God had great...View Details

16 year old Rachel Duncan was asked to lead her church’s youth group. But how would she be prepared or equipped for such a task, still being in high s...View Details

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